About Mask Fanatic


Tradition of wearing masks has been around for centuries. It’s true that it has been changing through time, it has even lost some interesting or unusual aspects.

Once upon a time, long ago, wearing a mask was a kind of political or religious act, although, making a political statement is raising it’s mask covered head again…

Nowadays, we wear masks mostly for fun,  And if you ask me, there is nothing wrong with that! The joy of disguieses is still the same!

So, why would someone wear a mask if not for some special occasion as Halloween or Venetian carnival?

Because it is FUN.

When you change your appearance, you change your point of you, wish it or not. It is how things work. Actually, when you put a mask on your face you allow yourself to be someone else. You free yourself from what you are every day.

The human being is one of the most exotic destinations I have ever heard of. There is so much to explore, to see and to feel. Here comes the important part – a mask has to make sense to you!

Get to know the brightest and the darkest sides of your soul!

All of you, who share the passion about wearing masks, sure will agree that it is a kind of art. At least, wearing a mask is an act of great creativity or defiance!

Our honest intention is to share passion and joy with you, my dear fanatics. We sincerely hope Mask.Fanatic will help you to create your own magic.

Come and take a look at huge collection of high quality masks! Stop by often to check what new and interesting items have been added!

All of you who are not into masks, we are here to help you choose your mask for an upcoming event. We hope to make it easy for you!

You might become a Mask Fanatic too!


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